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Table of Contents

1. Overview


The Windows Azure platform offers an intuitive, reliable and powerful platform for the creation of web applications and services. The Windows Azure platform is comprised of Windows Azure: an operating system as a service; SQL Azure: a fully relational database in the cloud; and .NET Services: consumable web-based services that provide both secure connectivity and federated access control for applications.



The purpose of this project is the creation of a feature- rich open source PHP application development environment in Eclipse that enables  development and deployment of PHP applications for Windows Azure.  The windowsazure4e plug-in builds upon the PHP Development Toolkit (PDT) and integrates Web Tools Platform (WTP) to provide a complete toolkit for Windows Azure Web Application development.



The windowsazure4e extensions offers an end-to-end Windows Azure development experience, including:



2. Project contributors


Soyatec (Analysis and Development)

Soyatec, located in Paris France, Xi'An and ShenZhen China, is an international software company and one of major Eclipse solution providers. It was Founded in 2006 by a group of Java engineers who had worked on Eclipse since 2002. As Eclipse Foundation Member, it has contributed to several Eclipse projects: Visual Editor, BPMN2 and e4.


It develops and markets the first XAML solution for Java: eFace, and provides OutSourcing Eclipse development in China.

Microsoft Corporation (Funding, Architectural & Technical Guidance, Project Management)


3. Screenshots

Project wizard

Storage Explorer

Run in Development Fabric

Debug in Development Fabric



The plug-in provides complete project management including new project wizard, project import and resource management. The project structure is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio and Expression Blend.


4. Roadmap


V2: September 2010 (Community Technology Preview)

This version adds the support of new features provided in WindowsAzure SDK 1.2 (June 2010) and opens the connectivity and interoperability with third-part tools and applications:


V2: November 2010 (Release)