Provisioning a SQL Azure Account

  1. Go to the website

  2. Login to your Windows Live account.

  3. Type in your invitation code and then click Submit.

  4. Read the terms of use then click I Accept button.

  5. Fill in an admin account name, password and region, and then click Create Server. The Location determines which datacenter the datebase will reside in. This will need to be the same as Windows Azure if you want the computation and database nearby.

    Note:An admin account is a master account used for administering the new server. This should not be used in connection strings where the username and password may be exposed.
    The password policy requires that this password contain at least one number, one character and one letter. In addition, the password cannot be less than six characters nor contain three consecutive characters from the username.

  6. The virtual server should now be created and a list showing your database should be displayed, to view the server name and connection details click Manage.

  7. The Server Administration screen allows basic administration of the database server and allows a quick way of viewing the available connection strings.

  8. The new firewall features allows a customer to specify an allow list of IP address that can access their SQL Azure Server. With this new feature, you can rest assured that only hosts you specify will be allowed to connect.

You now have a database server created. This database can be connected to from anywhere in the world.