Import from Standard PHP Project to Windows Azure PHP project

Windows Azure PDT supports importing from PHP project to Windows Azure project. If the existing PHP project is already an eclipse PDT project, you can import it using eclipse standatd import solution. This tool is used to import an non-eclipse PHP project as Windows Azure project directly.

Import PHP project to Windows Azure project

In the Windows Azure PDT perspective, select the Windows Azure menu Import from non-Windows Azure Project-> PHP->Import from Standard PHP Project.

Then the project import wizard will be opened. Select the php project location and specify a role name here.

In the next page, select project role type to be converted. In the Service Definition & Configuration group, you can decide whether to create a new service project or use an existing one. Here we create a new service project named "ServiceProject".

When step to next page, we can config the Data Storage Options. After the configuration is completed, we click the finish button to close the wizard.

Finally, two projects will be created in workspace.