New Project Wizards

Windows Azure project consists of three type projects: Windows Azure Service Project, Web role and Worker role projects.

Now, let's start to create a new Windows Azure Project. In the Windows Azure PDT perspective, right click in the PHP explorer, select New->Windows Azure PHP Project.

Fill the project name as Demo and click Next button.

Then you can config a Web Role in the next page. You can use Data Storage Options to specify a Windows Azure Data Storage Account or add a SQL Azure support for the Web Role project.

You can select a php runtime in the PHP Runtime drop down list. If you have not got a runtime yet, you can use the Built-in PHP runtime instead.

You can change the diagnostics configurations in the Diagnostics tab page.

Windows Azure Drives tab page is used to config Windows Azure Drive support.

Checking the button Enable MySQL will move you to the MySQL configuration page when you click the next button.

Click next button will move to the last page of the wizard. Here you can add other Web Roles or Worker Roles and also edit existing roles.

You can add a worker role here by clicking the Add button in worker roles group. Then woker role configuration dialog will be opened. You can specify the php script file that will be launched as background process when the service starts.

Once you have finished the wizard, four projects will be created in the workspace.